Thursday, 17 January 2013

30 day shred

Well what can I say.....I started the 30 day shred yesterday and to be honest I did not feel to bad while doing it but after about 30 seconds of sitting still afterwards my muscles started to shake and I felt a little sick!

Every muscle was really tight and I was walking.....well lets just say not how I normally walk!

I woke up this morning feeling really stiff and in more pain but I battled through and did it anyway! I'm glad I've done it, I actually did it a lot better than I thought I would if I'm honest and although I'm in terrible pain I feel soooooooooo good!

Since I had a good think about my weight and fitness and decided to do this blog (even if it has only been a couple of days) I feel so much more positive about everything, my eating has changed dramatically!!! I've not eaten half as much.

I follow slimming world diet because you can eat real food, never need to be hungry and there is no counting of calories. Although you can eat as much as you like I know I was still eating to much and I was always picking after my tea even though I wasn't hungry (actually over full) basically just being a greedy cow. I feel like something has clicked with me and I'm praying that it lasts!

I've cut my meal sizes down and not picking in between and I'm not telling myself I can not have anything I just ask myself if I really need it before I eat it and you know what....I never do!

At the gym on Monday for my induction can not wait......the thin girl inside is slowly creeping out :-)

Hope you all are well.

Love Addie x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The beginning

My name is Addison, I've just turned 30, I'm married with 2 beautiful children.....I love my family more than anything else in the world and......I'm FAT!!!

Ok.....well this is the first time I've ever done anything like this so please bare with me!

I'm over weight and not happy at all with the way I look at the I've decided to do something about it (as I have many times). I'm going to blog as I'm hoping it will put me on a huge guilt trip (or you guys will) if I suddenly stop and give up.....I'm relying on you to nag nag nag me if I do!!!! The thin girl inside me needs you!

I'm going to blog about my journey and also post pictures starting from tomorrow.

I promise to try and make this interesting and spill my guts on how much pain I'm in because of the exercise and how hungry I am from the normal amount of food I'm going to be eating rather that the huge amounts that I'm currently shovelling into my mouth!

This will all probably spill into my crazy busy life as well so I'll apologise for that now!

Hope I've not bored the pants off you already and hope you come back tomorrow to see how day 1 has gone!

Thanks for reading

Love Addie x